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Supplying the technologies that support your practice goals - when you need them

How it works


We provide a fully mobile solution on demand, bringing the instrumentation and technicians to your practice. This allows access to the latest technologies when you need it, without the investment or overheads that come with them.


On agreed dates, we visit your location with the equipment and personnel necessary to service your patients.


We offer digital transfer of data/reports immediately, or leave everything on a USB stick for your staff to access at a later time – printing is available for paper practices.


We also provide your front-house staff with scheduling templates customized to your test date start and end times.


Examination fees are per patient per examination. Reexaminations are done at your next scheduled date (or later), free of charge.


You can take payment and receive an invoice for examinations completed, or we take payment and provide your patients with the necessary receipts as well as a cheque for your share of the profits.


Our staff are professionally trained, qualified and experienced in patient management and consultation.


For more information please call +1 800-701-6443

or email us at

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