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Supplying the technologies that support your practice goals - when you need them

Today's Technologies... The Easy Way

OMD believes that the best way to serve Doctors on an outsourced basis is to provide fast, cost effective and professional services that help with the diagnosis and monitoring of patients.


In a landscape where the technology is frequently changing our business model is simple - we take the technology risk away from you, allowing you to save thousands of dollars on instrumentation, while delivering on first class customer care.


What’s more, we visit your clinic when you need us, allowing you real-time access to diagnosis data, ensuring your patients do not need to complete examinations offisite.

As a final part of our service, we are committed to sharing profits with you for each patient visit. Our business thrives when yours does. OMD wants to help you not only save money but also to help you grow - whether that is by patient numbers or number of locations.


OMD completes thousands of tests per year covering a broad geographic area. Speak to us today on how instrumentation outsourcing can help meet your practice needs.

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