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Supplying the technologies that support your practice goals - when you need them

We provide Visual Field and OCT testing to help better determine the status of the patient’s eyes.


Visual Field

This service helps doctors to determine the status of the visual pathway. The technician’s role in this testing is most important to the final outcome of the test. Proper instructions and explanations in a manner that the patient will understand is vital to a reliable outcome. We ensure that the technician stays with the patient through the entire testing procedure.



Optical Coherence Tomography is quickly becoming the standard of care for macula and optic nerve head assessment. Quality instrumentation and testing procedures will elicit quality information on which the the doctor can base their conclusions. 


We use Zeiss Cirrus version 8 software to analyze the various layers of the retina from inner retina (posterior vitreous changes, adhesions, ERM’s, etc.) through to the outer layer of Burch’s and changes in the choroid. This is an extremely helpful tool in diagnosis, management of various retinal changes and making reliable referrals.

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